You can’t complain about Thai Logic

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First of all, may I say that I am a big fan of your excellent Web Site,
Your site is so informative and so very well researched, always heaps of info,
and I have bought you a Beer Chang in thanks for everything.

If I may, I would like to add a blog to your site should you wish to include it
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With some 25 years experience in Thailand, there have been so very many times
when I have used this saying coined by me so long ago………..

“You can’t complain about Thai Logic because there just simply isn’t any”

Over the years I have learned to go with the flow so to speak and just accept this as being the norm.
I still find it annoying, but laugh at it as well, because quite frankly there is no other option.

I would like to recount here the most recent of the very many times I have had reason to
quote my saying.

A short time ago my TGF and I had decided that we would like to buy a Mist Fan for our bedroom.
As we don’t have air-conditioning our bedroom can get very hot at night and I thought that a Mist Fan
would be the best solution as full air-conditioning is so very expensive.

We went to a nearby shopping centre that has a large department store to buy what we required.
Finding the section with all the fans we picked out the particular Mist Fan that we wanted and asked
the sales assistant to get a boxed up fan for us to take to the check-out.

She went off to get one for us but shortly returned to tell us that there was no more of this item in stock.
We selected a second Mist Fan that was on offer only to be told that it also was no longer available.

I then asked if we could buy the fan on display as it was the last one anyway, we were told
“Sorry Sir, not possible”, I asked if we could buy the second choice fan as it was also the last the
last of that model only to receive the same answer from the sales assistant.

We decided to forget about the fans and shop around further, I grabbed a carton of Chang Beer which
was on special for a good price and my TGF picked out a tube of skin cream that she wanted.

As we were making our way towards the check-out I spotted a T.V. set on display that was also on special
for a very good price, it was bigger and better than the one we had so I decided to buy it instead of the
fan that we originally came for.

We again asked for one of these T.V.’s only to be told that it also was out of stock. I then asked the
sales assistant if we could purchase the display model as it also was the last of that model present.
Surprise Surprise …….. “Sorry Sir, not possible”

One would think that as that all of these items are no longer in stock, it would be logical to remove
the items from display and or sell them off, but T.I.T. (This is Thailand) …………

And……… “You can’t complain about Thai Logic because there just simply isn’t any”

I have checked further into this and this not a ploy to get you to buy a more expensive product,
this is simply normal practice in any and all department stores !

As a footnote to this story, we took our purchases to the check-out where we waited in line
for 10 minutes or more for our turn to pay, this where I was told that as that is now
2.35p.m. and I could not buy the carton of beer as the cut off time for the purchase of alcohol was 2.30p.m.

So we left to go back home with no fan, no T.V. and no beer, just a tube of Face Cream…..What a day !

When I sit back and think about it, I have no other option other than to just laugh about it.
It is the nom and we love em’ anyway, what more can I say !


That’s all for now, until next time,Tuk-Tuk

Choak Dee Krab

Laew Phop Kan Mai Na Krab

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