The Edge Sukhumvit 23 by Sansiri Bangkok Condo for Sale & Rental

The Edge Condo at Sukhumvit 23 by Sansiri, located in Bangkok near BTS Asoke and MRT Sukhumvit. 1 and 2 bedrooms available for sale and rental.

EDGE Sukhumvit 23, a stunning condominium in the heart of Asoke, located conveniently just 150 metres away from BTS Asoke, MRT Sukhumvit stations and just steps away from Terminal 21 shopping mall. The project is surrounded with all amenities within easy reach, also great facilities on site.

Live on the pulse of rhythmic beats at EDGE Sukhumvit 23. A new condominium in the heart of Bangkok’s happening quarter, it is designed to enliven the needs of young and restless hyperactive urbanites living life in the fast lane. Just 150 meters away from the nearest BTS Asoke and MRT sukhumvit stations and a stone’s throw from countless lifestyle venues, EDGE Sukhumvit 23 is truly the place of convenience where actions speak louder than words.

Sales from 5.9 Million Thai BHT
Rentals from 28,000 BHT
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The Nest Sukhumvit 22 | Bangkok, Thailand Property & Real Estate

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A combination of such an excellent location with easy access to key transport links combined with highly affordable prices, makes The Nest an excellent investment.
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Pattaya Floating Market, Sukhumvit road, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri Province. ( 21 )

Pattaya Floating Market.
This market opened in November 2008 and has now become a must see feature of Pattaya. It covers an area of about 100,000 square metres. It is divided into areas each with its own unique representation of the four areas of Thailand, Northern, Central, North Eastern and Southern. Because each area offers its own blend of culture, food and traditions. When it first opened entrance to the market was free. However some one must have thought it would be a good idea to start charging 200 Baht to get in. This to me seems weird paying to get into a place that then wants you to purchase items from the market. You could also look at it another way. It is said that the whole market cost over 350 million Baht and does offer a pleasant and relaxing day out. I guess at 200 Baht it will be a long time before they get the opening and building costs back.
The car park at this very popular sightseeing venue is usually very full with coaches, taxis and private cars. Usually taxi drivers get parked. I went on a large motorbike once I hired from Beach road in Pattaya and the security guards and parking attendants swarmed round me and my friend as soon as we arrived. A large motorbike is not usually seen around Thailand unless driven by a Farang ( foreigner ). We had a parking spot within seconds of arriving and the bike was guarded while we toured the market, for a small fee I might add! I have been many times to this floating market I love the atmosphere here. The choice of food, drinks, and the usual bric a brac and the not so usual. When I have been in taxis we have never had a problem getting parked.
As you walk through the car park area, across the road is another tourist attraction, Jurassic Garden Dinosaur Adventure, I visited this on the 11th July 2011. Along with the floating market again. Entering the floating market on my latest visit on the 27th June 2014 nothing had changed much from my last visit. Walking around on the wooden planked walkways brought back many memories. I love this floating market it feels good here. The friendliness of the shop keepers and the people that visit here all help to make it a great day trip.
The choice of goods here is vast, on one stall I visited a Thai man happily carved soap sculptures out of coloured soap they looked so delicate the way he carved flowers out of them. I have bought these before else where. They don’t last forever being made out of soap but expect about 5 or 6 years you can see them every day until they just decay I think is the right word. If it’s not the right word lets just say they don’t look the same after that time! One new addition is a mime man on one of the bridges here. You have to put money in a tip box for him to do anything. If you enjoy him just standing there, then don’t tip him, he wont move!
Near to here a rope bridge has been added it swings about over the water and feels totally unsafe, as most rope bridges are. But many people tried the walk over it, even myself taking photos and shooting videos of the trip across. Another new addition, which I had not seen before in any floating market, was Koi fish being fed milk from mini babies bottles. I use to keep Koi fish and so I know they are easy to train when they know food is about. I use to hand feed some of mine, but you always get the odd few that stay timid most of their life. These however fought and jostled for their feed. At 50 Baht it was worth the show to watch them fight over who would get to the bottle first. The water around this floating market looks very muddy and dirty but believe me in hot sunlight, the fish love this kind of water the best. As long as you don’t swim in the water you will be ok!

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