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Bangkok’s Siam Square Shopping Areas by KMITL Students by Vipavee Pasuriyun and Pattarin Pumpuang

Hello everyone! Today we are gonna show you the main shopping areas at Siam BTS Station. The Siam area is in the center of Bangko and there are lots of interesting things to do and see. Let’s start with the amazing BTS transportation (BTS) system, the student’s fashion shopping area, delicious restaurants and elegant malls. Open your mind and we will show you amazing Siam.
First, let’s start our tour at Thailand’s transportation hub Victory Moument which is the starting point for many people who want to go to any province outside of Bangkok. It is extremely crowded in rush hours. So let’s go to Siam!
Now, we are at Siam station where you can change trains from the Sukhumvit line to the Silom line in this station where we could go to many other popular places from here. But we are stopping here to explore this cool area around here.
The first place that we would to suggest you visit is the Siam Square shopping and recreation area. It includes restaurants, schools, tutor schools and cafes. It also has clothing stores, banks, and cosmetic stores. Foreign tourists and students enjoy coming here because they can find whatever they want. Not only that, there is large selection of fashion shops which many teenagers consider in stylish fashion and in vogue.
Siam has many delicious and famous restaurants. Rod-dee-ded is the restaurant that we want to tell you about today. Rod-dee-ded is a very populate restaurant which was founded more that 10 years ago and is located next to the Bonunza Saim square. There are many famous dishes such as Khao-na-kai (chicken rice dish) and noodle with boiled beef or pork. The service is very fast and prices are not expensive. Let’s see how delicious they are.
Here we are at Siam Paragon. You can walk across the sky bridge to go here. Siam Paragon is the most elegant shopping mall in the Siam area and is one of the biggest malls in Asia. There are many hi-end brands here such as Chanel, Coach, Givenchy and Gucci. Foreign tourists buy many hi-end bags here because they are cheaper that in their own countries. The famous Siam Ocean World is also located in the same mall which is the largest aquarium in South East Asia. The Royal Paragon hall is also here which is a concert hall.
The last place that we will show you is Siam Center which is next to Siam paragon. You can walk past Paragon to get here. Siam Center is one of Bangkok’s first shopping malls and there are 4 floors. On the first floor is Fashion Avenue which includes many famous flagship stores. On the second floor is the Fashion Galleria which includes accessories and clothes stores. On the third floor is Fashion Visionary which includes many Thai hi-end brands and finally on the fourth floor is the Food Factory which includes many popular restaurants.
I hope you enjoyed our tour and thank you so much for watching!