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Pattaya police station received a visit in the early hours of Thursday, 4th September, from Mr. Jaysuka Sudra. The 48 year old carried a British passport, and stated that he had just been robbed at knifepoint by 3 Thai men outside his hotel on Soi 2 off Pattaya Beach Road. They stripped him of his expensive designer watch, 20,000 baht cash, a Samsung Galaxy and a digital camera worth 100,000 baht. An investigation was quickly set up and officers went to the area to question locals and check the CCTV footage. However, people in the area had no idea that a robbery had occurred, and further on studying the CCTV footage, there was no trace of any wrong doing during the alleged crime, or even a glimpse of the British man. Therefore, the police confronted him and after intense questioning he confessed that it was all part of a scam to claim insurance back in England. This was verified when he was forced to take officers to his hotel room, where lo and behold, all his belongings were found safe. He was detained for among other charges for giving a false statement to the police.


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On the afternoon of Wednesday, 7th January a team from the Fine Art Department in Bangkok paid a visit to Banglamung to inspect an ancient rundown temple complex. Their mission was to survey and estimate the claims from locals that the temple had been constructed during the Ayutthaya period when Thailand was known as Siam between the 14th and 17th Centuries. Residents claimed that a survey had been done about 4 years ago, but for some unknown reason nothing was done about protecting and renovating the temple. So, with the help of the Internet, with requests to Laem Chabang Municipality, pressure was put on all concerned to progress with registering the temple as a national treasure.
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This warning is for people who travel on holiday in Thailand!

Fire on our hotel in koh chang!

This warning is for people who travel on holiday in Thailand! The fire started as you can see here: and the problem was that neither the staff was trained to help or the fire alarm work – this is unacceptable and unfortunately probably very standard of 90% of all hotels in Thailand. A firefighter told me that the fire alarm are only set up for show!!!

I want to change this to 4 star if the manager of the hotel gives us a publicly explain why the alarm did not work on this new hotel. ???

… Me and my family are very lucky that we are alive today because the fire break out in the evening beside my children’s rooms on the top floor where there were lots of people and not at night where everyone sleeps.

I hope one from the government in Thailand see this video and take action as fire alarms being investigated at all hotels with signage so everyone can see it works BEFORE WE BOOKS THE HOTELS!

Thanks god for this!