Shopping malls and beach road in Pattaya 2016

A walking tour with the selfie stick around pattaya.
Visiting 3 shopping malls and the beach.
Starting on second road. The back of Mike shopping mall.
Ending up on the front on beach road.
Then a walk of 10 minutes along the beach promenade to Royal garden plaza.
There you can also find Ripleys believe it or not.
At the food wave restaurant you have a nice view over the beach.
From there we went back to second road. You also can use the entrance on second road to leave the mall.
From there it’s a short walk to the Premium outlet on 2nd road.
last time i ewnt inside there was not much to see. empty stores and floors. But outside the mall there is a cozy evening market every day.

Some more video’s coming up soon about central festival shopping mall and Pattaya festival in the north near the Big C.
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