Pattaya THAI GIRLS IN MY HOTEL VLOG 10: Koh Larn island, hangover after club. Thailand Travel 2016

Pattaya Nightlife. Thai girls in my hotel, VLOG 10. This is short episodes not included in previous series about balcony party in Pattaya: bar girl feels hangover after hard party and hot dance in the club Insomnia Pattaya, she takes water with medicine inside; Pattaya gilrs bring thai food and drinks to the room from Seven Eleven supermarket located on the Second Road; russian guy who works as a teacher of english language teach some russian words; party in the room, club music, new hits, club girls, Thailand nightlife is good again…

VLOG “Thai girls in my hotel” is series of videos about party with Thailand girls in my room after nightclub Insomnia, Ibar or 808 club where we looked at dancing girls, listened to the best club music and popular remix. But It was nights in Pattaya in the summer 2016. All nightclubs, beer bars, disco and gogo clubs closed early. It was like this on every popular street in Pattaya: Walking Street, Beach Road, LK Metro, Soi 6, So 7, Soi 8. Music was quiet, club girls who dancing every night in the club went outisde and went home slowly. They tried to find a tourist who hadn’t had a girl for night. Pattaya looks like Bangkok where nightlife finihses early in the night on the streets Soi Cowboy, Nana Palaza, Patpong and Sukhumvit or like Phuket with its Patong Beach…

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