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Siem Reap International Airport

Siem Reap International Airport (IATA: REP, ICAO: VDSR) is the airport serving Siem Reap, Cambodia, a popular tourist destination owing to nearby Angkor Wat. It is the busiest airport in Cambodia in terms of passenger traffic.
The airport was developed by Archetype Group. Its new terminal was inaugurated on August 28, 2006.

Siem Reap Airport

Siem Reap Airport

The Cambodian government has plans to replace the airport with a new one, 60 km from Siem Reap.
The airport resides at an elevation of 60 feet (18 m) above mean sea level. It has one runway designated 05/23 with a concrete surface measuring 2,550 by 45 metres (8,366 ft × 148 ft).[3][4]
As of 2008, extensions to the airport’s apron and parking areas are taking place. Air Traffic Control is provided by CATS (Cambodia Air Traffic Services), with full approach and aerodrome VHF facilities being housed in the control tower, between the fire station and the domestic terminal. Area control is still provided from CATS Centre in Phnom Penh (Pochentong) VHF frequencies used at Siem Reab are: Tower: 118.000 MHz (AM) Approach: 124.300 MHz (AM) ACC (FIR): 127.500 MHz (AM) Ground (apron): 121.750 MHz (AM) ATIS (WX): 129.950 MHz (AM) Tower – fire 3A: 143.750 MHz (FM) CATS are also responsible for clearing takeoffs and landings of tourist helicopters from the “Big Balloon” site, 3 km away, near Angkor Wat. Both Helicopters Cambodia and Sokha Helicopters operate from the airport, with Sokha mainly operating from the Big Yellow Balloon site. The airport itself is located some 6 km outside Siem Reab, just off National Route 6 north. Runway alignments are 23 & 05, with only 23 being used for takeoff, due to flight restrictions over Angkor temple.

Siem Reap Airport

Siem Reap Airport

• Length: 2,550 m
• Width: 45 m, with shoulders 2.5 m. wide each
• Perpendicular taxiway: 1 (length: 240 meters, width: 20 meters and 10 meters of shoulders). Under construction: 1 (length: 600 meters, width: 25 meters and 15 meters of shoulders)
• Number of stands: 10
• Navigation aids and visual aids:

Airlines and destinations
Airlines Destinations

Bangkok-Don Muang, Kuala Lumpur

Asiana Airlines

Bangkok Airways
Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Koh Samui, Phuket

Cambodia Angkor Air
Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Hanoi

Cebu Pacific

China Eastern Airlines
Hangzhou, Shanghai-Pudong, Kunming

Siem Reap Airport

Siem Reap Airport

China Southern Airlines

Seasonal: Hong Kong (begins 29 October 2013)

Far Eastern Air Transport
Charter: Taipei-Taoyuan

Jetstar Asia

Korean Air
Busan, Seoul-Incheon

Lao Airlines
Luang Prabang, Pakse, Vientiane

Malaysia Airlines
Kuala Lumpur

Da Nang, Phnom Penh, Singapore

Sky Wings Asia Airlines
Seoul-Incheon, Hanoi

Spring Airlines

Thai AirAsia
Bangkok-Don Mueang (begins 1 October 2013)

TonleSap Airlines
Beijing-Capital, Hong Kong, Kaohsiung, Ningbo, Shanghai-Pudong, Taipei-Taoyuan

TransAsia Airways
Taipei-Taoyuan (begins 23 September 2013)

T’way Airlines

Vietnam Airlines
Da Nang, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Luang Prabang

Passengers and aircraft movements as of 2010.
Year Passengers Aircraft movements
2001 449,700 12,400
2002 572,700 13,600
2003 551,300 12,000
2004 799,700 15,500
2005 1,038,100 16,900
2006 1,360,400 18,900
2007 1,732,400 22,000
2008 1,531,800 20,000
2009 1,255,200 18,200
2010 1,581,309 20,447
2011 1,826,118 23,415
2012 2,223,029 26,248

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