Shopping malls and beach road in Pattaya 2016

A walking tour with the selfie stick around pattaya.
Visiting 3 shopping malls and the beach.
Starting on second road. The back of Mike shopping mall.
Ending up on the front on beach road.
Then a walk of 10 minutes along the beach promenade to Royal garden plaza.
There you can also find Ripleys believe it or not.
At the food wave restaurant you have a nice view over the beach.
From there we went back to second road. You also can use the entrance on second road to leave the mall.
From there it’s a short walk to the Premium outlet on 2nd road.
last time i ewnt inside there was not much to see. empty stores and floors. But outside the mall there is a cozy evening market every day.

Some more video’s coming up soon about central festival shopping mall and Pattaya festival in the north near the Big C.
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11 thoughts on “Shopping malls and beach road in Pattaya 2016

  1. Salut Steff..Nice vlog and nice music (again)..I always enjoy a walk around Pattaya and you say it the best when you say nothing at all..LOL..Have a nice day.

  2. NAZI dolls are sold here. on july 2016 i found a stall on the 4th or 5th floor of central pattaya , that displays dolls of hitler, gring, and other germans (or just germans) for sale. the shop display also a doll of stalin, but propably only to fake a balance (the nazzi dolls are in the front, and are many). i suspect the shop belongs to one of the many nazi low lives who live in pattaya. Management of cnetral pattaya propably could not care less, just like they don't care about the hard poverty and sewage smell just outside their door.

  3. Hi.  I. Went to. Kodak.  Express.    Photo shop in. Jomtien
    To print some. Photos.The staff. Were. Not. Helpful.   They. Were. Rude.,    and. Were. Angry andImpatient.I. Will. Never go. There again.
    There are. Better. Photo. Shops in. Pattaya. With. Helpful. Staff.
    Never. Again..

  4. couple of years since I've been to pattaya, I miss having a walk around all the stores (and bars !), thanks for posting

  5. hello, I used the waterproof case on my selfie stick. So sorry i could't do any talking. In my next vloggs, i will use my cam naked on my selfie stick so i can do some talking. However i hope you will enjoy this walk around Pattaya.

    More videos filmed in and around Pattaya and Jomtien coming up soon the next weeks, Also a serie about a cozy island that is visited last weekend.

    Thanks for watching !

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