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The Pattaya real estate investment market
Thailand real estate on by Frank Satar
Type of investors in the Pattaya real estate & property market (Which type are you?)
There has recently been a shift in the Pattaya real estate & property market which has affected different investors in different ways. In this Pattaya real estate education blog we will be covering & analysing the property market starting from around the year 2009 all the way towards the coming mid 2017.
Pattaya real estate investors 2009 – 2012
In this group you have the Pattaya real estate investors who purchased around 4+ years ago when the market was hot. This group of Pattaya property investors profited buying very cheap Pattaya condos / houses at launch price & selling them towards completion with profit margins of around 25% on the sale price and up to 60% on the money that they actually put in to purchase the property. As they all bought their properties on payment plans (over 2 years average) many smart investors adjusted their payments as little as possible during construction & balance on completion. Then they would sell their off plan Pattaya condo or house just before the final payment was due. So they would only outlay around 30% to 40% of the sale price and make good profits on what they outplayed.

Pattaya property investors 2012 – 2014

In another group you have the Pattaya property investors who bought around 3 years (or less). This group of real estate investors got in the Pattaya market at the end of the boom but tried to repeat/continue what the last group did 4+ years ago. They bought very cheap Pattaya condos / houses with good payment terms (over 2 years average) with the thought of selling their Pattaya condos & houses just before completion. This group was hit with the global financial crises + the Russian currency crises at the same time. As Russian investors in Thailand were amongst the strongest Thailand real estate investment players the Pattaya market had a bit of a shock wave. This was followed by stand still in the market where the investors & buyers couldn’t do anything but speculate.

Many of Pattaya’s Russian buyers were out of the market while many others who bought heavy were left with payment plans on multiple properties they now could not really afford to pay due to a 70% drop in their currency. This problem was faced by buyers of many nationalities but the Russians were hit the hardest. The only solution for many was/is to sell off as fast as they can by offering really cheap prices on their Pattaya property. For many Russians selling even a bit lower than they bought meant that they could still make back their Robles that they initially brought in to Thailand.

Pattaya real estate & property market updatePattaya real estate investors 2014 – 2016/17
Then we have the 3rd group of Pattaya real estate investors who have been buying cheap Pattaya condos & houses during the last 18 months or so. This group of Pattaya property investors buy a little bit differently to the last 2 groups. This group are buying mostly re-sale condos & houses at heavily discounted prices from the previous group. In some cases many smart real estate investors are finding & buying Pattaya properties at well below the selling prices of 4+ years ago in some of Pattaya’s best & most sort after real estate projects.

We are now in July 2016 and the Pattaya real estate market seems to have its bounce back. The re-sale market is hot and its also paired with many Pattaya real estate developers offering great finance & rental guarantee deals on their remaining properties. A smart real estate investors in the current market must act fast. Do your research about your own needs as well as the current Pattaya property market and go for it. Pattaya Property Pro | pattaya real estate agency | hotels for sale in Pattaya | land for sale in pattaya | Houses for sale in pattaya | pattaya house for sale | property for sale pattaya | property for sale in pattaya | condo for sale in pattaya | Villa for sale in Pattaya | real estate investment in Thailand

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