Greece Confirm Thailand Game

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Greece Confirm Thailand Game

The Greek Rugby League has confirmed their place at the first ever Thailand International Festival of Rugby League (Rugby 13) in October playing the Thai National side on October 12. The Greek side is heading to Europe with a game against Italy in the lead up to the Rugby League World Cup.

The announcement was confirmed in this months Rugby League Review Magazine.

We are delighted to have the Greece team as part of the biggest Rugby League event held outside the major Rugby League playing nations.said Shannon Crane, Chairman of the TRL. We will host them for 6 days as they will arrive days prior to the game before continuing to Europe.

The Rugby League (Rugby 13) Festival will commence October 6th (NRL Grand Final Day) and continue until October 26 (World Cup Game 1) and include 20 days of Rugby League games and events.

Please contact Shannon Crane at to express your interest in getting involved.
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