20 thoughts on “Exploring Pattaya — Soi VC and VC Hotel — Nice Place for Holidays to Thailand

  1. Dude you in Thailand speak thai , enough with those awkward conversations they can barely understand the words coming out of your mouth so please speak fluently thai and translate later when you edit or don't talk at all

  2. อีก50ปี 1000ปีก็ไม่เจริญหรอก ยิงกูดิ.

  3. In the end whit the arabs tell me the truth!@ thee was tasting a bit like camel pis😂 it sure look like it 😂😂😂Gread vlogges i enjoy allot thank you👍👍👍👍

  4. Interesting area, I walked by near the condemned building area last month, i was told to be careful on that street and the street above, lots of dealings and muggings in that area.

  5. How much money should you carry around with you at night? Is it safe? And, how much would a night of fun cost? I been robbed once ,when I had $50 in my wallet by knife-point. So, I don't carry more than $20 in my wallet in some cities here.

  6. Have you considered being a tour guide and body guard back up for travelers? I would pay you like 20$ per night to show me around good bars, how to avoid scammers, etc. Of course, I would buy you the beers and food .

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